Who Are We?

We are ONE:SIXTEEN, a studio located in Beirut. We are passionate about using film and sound to tell the story of Jesus and our own ones in a way that connects to the human heart and sparks new inspiration. We love the challenge of the creative process as much as its final outcome and get genuinely excited when our work builds bridges to other people.  As a team we are a family. We want to be authentic in what we do and are aware of the fact that we haven’t everything figured out. We are ready to take risks in order to create and communicate novelty as we hope to leave lasting impressions that stay with you even when the screen turns black again.


  • One Sixteen Production Company
    • Lukas Ruegger
      Lukas Ruegger Scriptwriter
      • Carla Chamoun
        Carla Chamoun Presenter
        • Gaby El Hajj
          Gaby El Hajj Sound Designer
          • Lou Salloum
            Lou Salloum DOP & Editor
            • Nathalie Antoun
              Nathalie Antoun Production Manager

              Supporters & Friends

              The ONE:SIXTEEN-family may write, film and edit RAWA –  yet, there are many other people without whose passion and participation our movies wouldn’t exist on screen. Be it actors, designers, set builders or make-up artists – we count ourselves lucky to have friends who voluntarily give their time and skill to make RAWA possible.

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